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Sketching Bag End - Hobbiton


Lord of the Rings Tours

Red Carpet Tours are the leaders in Lord of the Rings movie tours. Join us on our next journey and experience a fellowship you’ll never forget through breath-taking Middle Earth, New Zealand. Our team is here to make your dream a reality.

Suitable for Everyone

You don’t have to know the film script backwards to thoroughly enjoy our experience! The tours are popular with all types of visitors who are looking to explore New Zealand, find some epic adventures and make good friends along the way.

Home to Middle-earth

Our LOTR tours include movie locations all over New Zealand, from the likes of Hobbiton and Mt Doom in the North Island, to Dimrall Dale and Edoras in the South (and much more). Many of these beautiful places are instantly recognisable in real life.


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Schnieselchen's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

Whether you're a die-hard LOTR geek or just a Significant Other tagging along, you will absolutely love this tour: You get to see some of the best places from the films (and it is beyond words to describe how great it is to be standing where your favourite characters were!), you will enjoy the glorious scenery of NZ, you will take more photos than you ever thought possible, you have a great choice of extra activities (from helicopter rides to bungee jumping), you will be staying at great hotels, you will be looked after lovingly by Raewyn and Vic, you will make great friends and you will not want this tour ever to end.

Can't recommend this highly enough!

Reviewed about 9 years ago

JayJay5's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

I had the extreme pleasure of spending time with Vic , Raewyn and Julie of Red Carpet Tours as part of my New Zealand experience. Their rich knowledge and deep love for this magical country is mixed with a sense of loving kindness towards their tour-ees. They are Hobbitologists and Lord of the Rings experts, but Red Carpet Tours offers more than facts and photo ops. If you want to fully experience the spiritual magic of this beautiful country, do it with the best- Red Carpet Tours. Carol Adams, USA

Reviewed about 9 years ago and experienced in August 2011

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Alais_Longthought's avatar


United States

Ranking: 10/10

Nothing but superlatives for Vic, Raewyn, & all of the other RCT staff. My at-the-time-eight-year-old daughter & I took the full two-week tour of "Middle-earth" & it was an unforgettable experience. Raewyn patiently answered my many ahead-of-time questions as to whether I should bring my daughter. Vic's quiet sense of humor kept me chuckling all through the North Island. And Derek, our South Island guide, was a fountain of information on any subject. We saw so many places that we never would have found on our own, both LOTR-related & "just plain NZ"—although there's nothing "plain" about NZ! The people we met along the way were also fact, Daniel Reeve "calligraphied" my wedding invitation. The entire experience was unforgettable & my daughter & I left our hearts in NZ. Now my daughter wants to spend half a year of high school in NZ. I'm thinking that that would be a good time for another Red Carpet Tour! Thank you to Vic, Raewyn, & all involved for a stellar time in our lives. : )

Reviewed over 9 years ago and experienced in February 2006

Nazgul3's avatar


United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

Q: When is a tour not a tour?
A: When it is run by Vic and Raewyn James.
This is the highest compliment I could pay Red Carpet Tours. It was like an adventure with a group of lifelong mates and is highly recommended whether you are LOTR fans or not. Both 'belleferret' and 'biinfc' have captured the experience with their postings. For those on the April 2011 adventure...Thanks for the memories!!

Reviewed over 9 years ago

belleferret's avatar


United States

Ranking: 10/10

I recently took the 12-day Lord of the Rings tour, something I had been planning for almost 2 years. A friend of mine told me the anticipation of such a trip is the best part--he was wrong.

The experience exceeded my expectations in every way. The tour was carefully planned but casual, relaxed and flexible; the scenery was beyond breathtakingly beautiful; the company was fun and friendly; our hosts, Raewyn and Vic James were warm, knowledgeable and enthusiastic; the adventures and activities were thrilling both for the soul and the body.

Before the tour was half over, I knew I wanted to do it again. I can't wait! :-D

Reviewed over 9 years ago

Award-2-24px Congratulations Red Carpet Tours

Rankers TravellerVoted Awards 2011 Group Tours Finalist

biinfc's avatar


United States

Ranking: 10/10

I just returned from the Red Carpet Tours 12 day 'Lord of the Rings' tour, and it was the best vacation I've had in my life. I heartily recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the movies, or even to those who want to see some of the most glorious scenery in the world. You don't have to be a LOTR fan to enjoy this tour! Vic and Raewyn James are welcoming, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and it's clear the high level of care, thought, and detailed planning that goes into running each tour. They take care of everything so that you can simply enjoy the experience to the fullest. It feels more like traveling with good friends or family than a tour group.

Reviewed over 9 years ago

goofy284's avatar



Ranking: 10/10

I enjoyed a tour with Red Carpet Tours in November 2004. This tour was a life changing event for me and Vic and Reawyn where amazing. I meet Friends I will have all my life and experienced New Zealand in a comfortable and relaxed group. Everything was top notch from the accommodations to the restaurants to the sites we visited. I do not think I would have had the experiences I had if not for Red Carpet Tours incites into the Lord of the Rings community in New Zealand.
The only bad part about these tours is that sadly they have to end. I hope to return to a Red Carpet tour in 2012. They take you there and you can not wait to go back again!

Reviewed over 9 years ago and experienced in November 2004

cogit8tor's avatar


United States

Ranking: 10/10

Our Lord of the Rings tour with Red Carpet is one of the high points of our lives. My wife and I traveled with my mother, celebrating her 79th birthday on the trip, plus our 17 year old daughter and all of us had a marvelous time. Vic and Raewyn go out of their way to tailor the experience for the specific interests of the individuals on each tour and that made the tour even more special. We highly recommend Red Carpet and hope to return and see more of New Zealand with them in the years to come.

Reviewed almost 10 years ago and experienced in October 2009