Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa

Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa



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Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa mud baths!


Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa - New Zealand's most active and interactive geothermal park. The home of New Zealand's famous mud baths and minerals spas as well as the spritual and relaxing Mirimiri Maori Massage!

Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa is raw, angry and a little ugly, Hells Gate is the place where the smell comes alive bubbling to the surface with purpose and intensity. Here you can get hands on with the earth and the Maori culture as you stroll through this untamed wonderland. Learn to carve and weave flax as the Maori people do and you can take away your efforts as a memento of your time with us!
At the Wai Ora Spa get down and dirty in the only geothermal mud baths in New Zealand with beautification minerals which help to clear the skin, all before you relax in the mineral spas. If your looking for something truly one of kind try a Wai Ora Massage based on the traditional Maori style of massage known as Mirimiri, which not only relaxes the body, but through karakia (Maori prayer) relaxes the mind as well.

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Melissa S's avatar

Melissa S

Ranking: 2/10

Hells Gate pools are under construction so there is only 1 sulphur pool. Usually there are 3. We thought this place is way overpriced. Make sure construction is done if you're going to go!

Reviewed over 1 year ago

Inez Cavallaro's avatar

Inez Cavallaro

United States

Ranking: 6/10

We got a deal through GrabOne ($45/person instead of $75).

We arrived, checked in & were sent up to where our "spa attendant" would take care of us. She told us our time in the mud baths was limited to 20 minutes, but we could spend as much time as we wanted in the hot springs. That was it. This is important to note.

The mud baths were awesome. It's a bit more like muddy water than the thick mud I was afraid of. The showers on the outside of the building were A+. Fantastic water pressure.

We showered & headed over to the hot springs & my fiance accidentally splashed a little water getting into the hot springs & I could feel mascara mixed with water dripping into my eye. I tried to wipe it away.

Huge mistake. In wiping my mascara off, I got the water from my hands in my eyes. It felt like someone had set my eyes on fire. An older gentleman who worked there saw me & said, "Oh my god, your eyes!"

I got water from the water cooler & washed my eyes out. I got out & went to the outdoor shower & washed off. I jumped into the cold plunge pool & held my face under with my eyes open. All of these suggestions were made by the man working there. I was miserable. Finally I gave up & went to shower again & get some eye drops from the office.

I put a whole tube of eye drops in each eye. Nothing. My eyes are pouring tears & my nose is dripping.

We get to the Redwoods Tree Walk & the girl behind the counter asks what's the matter. I tell her, "We just went to Hell's Gate. It would really be worth the 5 seconds it would take them to tell you, 'Hey, just make sure you don't get the hot springs water in your eyes.'"

"They didn't take you through the health and safety briefing? I used to work there & there was a whole list of safety things we had to go through with you."

"Nope. They just said don't stay in the mud pools more than 20 mins."

"Oh wow. That's bad. Yeah, there's a whole protocol they're supposed to take you through."

Reviewed over 1 year ago

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John Farley's avatar

John Farley

United Kingdom

Ranking: 10/10

A fantastic, free guided walk explained the geographical features and cultural significance of the other worldly, wonderful collection of volcanic curiosities.

Reviewed almost 3 years ago and experienced in January 2017

Les Hendy's avatar

Les Hendy


Ranking: 8/10

This was a very interactive walk through a thermal activity area. Not as tourist orientated as some of the more commercial areas.

Reviewed almost 3 years ago and experienced in October 2016

Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa is open for business… Visit Website …now's your chance to take a closer look.

Lea Celerier's avatar

Lea Celerier


Ranking: 8/10

A beautiful walk around the hot bath (you do not bath in these ones!!!). Up to 140 degrees. And smoke coming out from them everywhere. Guy was an amazing guide - we even saw a waterfall close to and learnt a lot about this phenomonen. To finish: bath.

Reviewed almost 3 years ago and experienced in October 2016

Frank Fabian's avatar

Frank Fabian


Ranking: 8/10

We did only the spa, we enjoyed the mud pool and the hot pools very much.

Reviewed almost 3 years ago and experienced in November 2016

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Jane Scott's avatar

Jane Scott


Ranking: 9/10

Absolutely loved this place. We arrived just as a guide was heading off with some others and we were invited to tack on the end of the tour. Our guide was fantastic. Yes it smells, but people if you have come to Rotorua, shouldn't you expect that!! (It actually wasn't as bad a some people make out.) What did you come here for if not to experience the wonders of this natural habitat. That includes the smell. I learnt so much about this area from this short walk around the park with a guide. I would recommend this place to anyone really interested in how and why this place actually exists. Truly amazing.

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Jan Berendsen's avatar

Jan Berendsen


Ranking: 5/10

Stinky as hell! Really nice to see those hot pools for the first time, but the smell was nasty and the entrance price was way too high.

Reviewed over 3 years ago and experienced in March 2016

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Michelle Smit's avatar

Michelle Smit


Ranking: 8/10

Great thermal area to be able to explore at your own pace. The mud baths and thermal spa is a must-do activity. The mud baths are not quite what we expected, muddy water with mud in a pot available to smear over yourselves, but fun to do all the same. The thermal spa pretty hot. Well run and organised, and friendly staff.
All in all a good day.

Reviewed over 3 years ago

Nanna Torp's avatar

Nanna Torp


Ranking: 3/10

Too expensive and nothing special.

Reviewed almost 4 years ago and experienced in February 2016

Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa is open for business… Visit Website …now's your chance to take a closer look.

Chandra Macraigne's avatar

Chandra Macraigne


Ranking: 6/10

You have different packages. Walk to see the sulphur waters and mud spa. Honestly for the price, having a look at the sulphur water is enough.

Reviewed almost 4 years ago and experienced in February 2016

Karel's avatar


Czech Republic

Ranking: 7/10

Expensive. Circle around hot springs interesting with describing what is going on. Personnel nice and smiley.

Reviewed over 5 years ago and experienced in February 2014

Dick Kooij's avatar

Dick Kooij


Ranking: 7/10

Great to see the volcanic area with mud pools, sulpuhur bath etc.

Reviewed about 7 years ago